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The Joy of Gardens...

It has been a great garden summer. I finally feel like our yard is shaping up to reflect the warm, inviting, but not overly manicured look I am working towards. I love the ease of perennials and hostas paired with the pop of color annuals add to pots and hanging baskets that our Iowa climate promotes. This year we finally got our veggie beds settled into a sunnier location that both I (from a garden design standpoint) and the plants (from a growing standpoint) like better, and in their place we purposed our swing set into a tent for hanging our hammocks.

We were also able to get a rain barrel set up, thanks to having new gutters put on our garage. I'm amazed at how little rain it takes to fill it up. And how quickly I can use most of a barrel thanks to daily watering of our pots and hanging baskets.

Our new trumpet vine, planted to provide some natural shade cover for the top of the hammock tent, has suddenly taken off here at the end of summer and I was so excited to give it some…

Do you still practice?

Normally when I make a new acquaintance, and we realize we both have yoga in common, and I share that I am a teacher of the practice but that I'm not currently teaching, somewhere along the line the question about my own personal practice comes up. It's such a hard question for me to answer, because how I am currently practicing my yoga, and what most westerners associate with the practice of yoga, are really quite different.

Do I set aside time everyday to practice a series of physical postures that is the vision of western yoga? No.

Do I have a dedicated meditation practice? No.

Do I still practice yoga almost every single day? Yes.

I was drawn to yoga all those years ago, 17ish to be exact, because of the physicality of the practice. I would say a good majority of yoga practitioners in the western world are drawn to yoga because of the physical/fitness component asana practice offers. I was drawn to yoga at a time when my body needed more care than I was giving it. I was fi…