Wednesday, September 28, 2016


If you are a parent, or even a pet parent, you can relate to the fact that while you always love your kids, there are times in life when you don't like them very much for the choices and actions they make. You spend incredible amounts of energy worrying about them because your heart wants the very best for them always and you know how poor choices can prevent that from happening. Yet as much as you want to protect them, there comes a point where you can't make every decision for them, and you simply have to give them some space to learn on their own the consequences of their actions and choices, good or bad. But through it all, you love them always.

That's exactly how I feel about our country and this shit show of an election cycle we are currently experiencing. I will always be thankful for the blessing of being born in a prosperous, (mostly) safe, and (mostly) free country. Even as a woman, despite the very real existence of glass ceilings, double standards, and general sexism, my life is so much easier than so many other women around the world. But I am far from proud of what is happening across our country in recent days. I do not like America very much right now. It seems that so many have forgotten how to treat their fellow humans, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, with basic decency and respect. People have apparently lost sight of the fact that we CAN actually have differing opinions, even about major issues, and still peacefully and respectfully coexist.

I'm honestly scared of what November will bring. Not only am I worried about WHO will represent our country to the REST of the world (you know, that large planet thing we live on where BILLIONS of other people from other countries also exist), about WHO will be helping to make decisions that will impact our future, but also what our choice of leaders will say about our nation as a society. About how the outcome of this one BIG decision could further divide our citizens on hot button topics such as military involvements, race/gender/sexuality rights, and true religious freedoms. I am appalled by the fact our corrupt political party system has reached a point where the candidates offered as qualified choices to represent our nation are FAR from being examples of the best of what America has to offer to the rest of the world.

I will always love the land of my birth, just as I will always love the places from which my ancestors came outside of this country, but right now I am ashamed of our nation and the character we are displaying to the world around us about what it (apparently) means to be an American.