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I've been thinking a lot lately about silence.

As an introvert, silence can be a healing hug when the world is overwhelming me.As a conflict avoider, silence can be a place of safety and comfort.As someone who hopes to offer well informed, thoughtful contributions, silence is often a space holder to allow me to gather more information before joining a conversation.As a teacher of children, silence is often needed to hear the real problem or feeling a student is trying to communicate during a time of distress.As a yogi, silence is the place that allows my body and spirit to speak, hear, and understands its needs and truths.
So much good can come from simply observing silence in life.

Since November 8th, I've been thinking a lot more about the other side of silence. About the unintended messages silence can send in times of distress or conflict. About the darker side of what silence represents.

I've been thinking about all the times that I've used silence as a safe, comfo…