Thursday, June 16, 2016

Slowly Summer...

We are almost a full 3 weeks into summer. It is taking me a bit longer than normal to find my summer groove this year. I seem to have misplaced my motivation to tackle my normal summer project list. Our relocated garden boxes remain un-planted. The backyard flowerpots have been filled with simple combinations of inexpensive, easy to care for annuals. Weeds have been pulled, or not, depending on the location. Plans for building new wooden chairs for our deck have been read, and re-read, but no building has been done. While I'm trying to be gentle with myself as I know beating myself up over what I'm NOT accomplishing is going to do any good towards getting SOMETHING accomplished this summer, it seems our more casual weeks of summer are moving at a quicker pace than ever this year. If I don't get off my ass and get some shit done, I'm going to run out of time!

Just before the end of the school year, a dear friend asked if I would be willing to tackle a knitting project for her, these cute sheep themed hats that she hopes to gift to her sheep showing daughters this coming Christmas. Even though I have never done stranded color work before, I decided maybe the challenge of learning something new might help me loose the funk that's been hanging around for far too long this past year. Once we FINALLY decided on a color scheme (who knew that was going to take 2 crafters so long to determine) I ordered the yarn. It arrived on my doorstep last Friday and I cast-on on Monday. (I took supplies with me to possibly cast on over the weekend while we did some camping, but it was HOT, and so is wool.) I'm almost to the end of the ribbed band and ready to join in the second color to start building the snowy, sheepy scene. As nervous as I am at the thought of keeping, at times, 3 different working strands of yarn in order, I'm also really excited to watch the sheep grow a little with each round of work. We are getting ready for a road trip and I am hoping to have at least 1 finished hat by the time we return home and a good start on the second thanks to the miles and miles of familiar Iowa and Nebraska countryside that we will be driving through on some of the longest daylight days of the year.

Speaking of camping, we have become travel trailer camper owners. As much as I wanted to remain a die hard tent camper, I have to admit the ease and comfort of the camper has already gotten us out to camp more in the past 6 weeks than in all the YEARS we have lived in Carlisle and have talked about doing more camping as a family. And it has been great! Having our oldest child getting ready to make the transition to high school in the fall has kinda smacked us in the face with the realization that the number of "somedays" are very quickly decreasing. It's become very clear that if we don't stop putting things off until we have more time/more money/less stress, the opportunity to enjoy some of the experiences we wish to share as a family before our kids are grown will be past us! We have taken Campy (what we have lovingly named our little 18 foot bunkhouse camper) out 3 times already this spring and are so, so, SOOOOO glad we made the decision to purchase him. He's small, and now that we've had him out a couple of things we will choose differently with our next camper, but he does the job and is a great first camper to have for these camper owning newbies. In addition to adding Campy to our lives, my family gifted me "permission" to purchase a kayak or standup paddle board for Mother's Day. I have been window shopping them on the internet for quite a while having so enjoyed the paddling experiences I've had over the past several years. I decided to get a tandem sit on top kayak so that I could enjoy my love of quietly gliding across the water with my family (and friends) instead of always going out alone. While I am still eyeing standup paddle boards everywhere I go and know I will be adding on to my toy chest in the future, I am glad that for now we went with Stella our yak. We were finally able to get her in the water this past weekend, and it was a perfect afternoon of sharing some paddle time with each of my loves.

My house...not clean. A small building project I decided to start last week...slowly, slowly making progress. Working to promote my Perfectly Posh business...not happening. But I've gotten a start on finding my happier, more inspired summer self, and that is a positive not to be overlooked!