Friday, May 20, 2016


I've simply been living life in survival mode as of late.

  • School activities are drawing to an end, as are the attention spans of the students.

  • Summer activities are starting to need planning/attention.

  • The yard is already in full grow mode, both things we want growing and those we don't.
  • I look around our house and all I see is the grime and clutter that has accumulated throughout the school year, knowing I need to give it some of my attention in the first weeks of summer. 

Survival mode is not a healthy mode for me. I'm not eating well. I'm not exercising regularly. I'm staying up too late cherishing the quiet of the hours just after my family head to bed to just BE and to get lost for a bit in the world of a book before having to get up and repeat the craziness for another day.

I know I am not alone in my struggle. Walking down the hallway at school I can see the exhaustion of the end of the year settling on other's faces. WE are ALL in survival mode at this point of the school year. It's just kinda part of the great educational cycle unfortunately.

Keeping perspective on life in survival mode is sometimes really hard for me. Little challenges often appear larger than they are, and bigger challenges seem all consuming at times. I'm trying to focus on enjoying the best of what each day has to offer, knowing that if I don't try to find those little sparkles of light in my days right now, the struggles will pull me under.

It's at times like this week that I want to hug my little family even closer than normal. I'm also thankful for others who openly share their own struggles with keeping a healthy perspective on life in thoughtful and often humorous ways. Like The Bloggess. (Read her books! They are laugh out loud funny.) And Brittany. (Read her book too. LOVED it.) And Dooce.

Just 1 more week.

I CAN do this.


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