Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The call came in this morning at 6:00.

Snow day.

Sadly the weather in our part of the state did not live up to the hype, which has left our snow day feeling a little wasted. The chance to sleep in, catch up on Downton Abby episodes, and start the process of filing our taxes was much appreciated. Two cups of coffee were enjoyed. Cinnamon rolls (originally frozen) we baked. Sidewalks were shoveled.

I really don't mind shoveling the snow on snow days. (Well, most snow days.) Today was a warm, windless shoveling experience. The snow was wet and heavy and it didn't take long for the sidewalk and drive to melt down once I removed the layer of wet. What makes shoveling our sidewalks the most sucky is the long stretch, living on the corner, and the uneven state of our many years old walkways. But as a walker of dogs, even in winter, and a mother of kids who walk to and from school every day, shovel I will because I know what a pain in the ass those stretches are to walk that do not regularly get cleared after winter weather.  

Tomorrow I'm guessing life will return to it's normal hectic pace. But for the remainder of today I'm going to look at other people's amazing snow pictures on social media, dig through my yarn stash in search of my next knitting project, and sip another warm beverage or 2.

Stay warm friends!


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