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Parenting a Teen...AKA When Shit Gets Real...

"ALL my friends at the pool wear bikinis."

This has been the start of many a conversation over the past several weeks. "I want a bikini" has become my 13-year-old's new mantra. This week I finally gave in, but not without some requirements.

I have nothing against bikinis in general. In fact, growing up the girls have mostly owned bikinis because they inherited their dad's long torso, and kids 1-piece swim wear is not made for thin, long bodied girls. Hell, if I didn't have so many personal insecurities about my poochy tummy and I'm 40 roll of back fat, I too would rather wear a bikini to the pool/lake. I have no problem with the concept a bikini, just the lack of affordable options when it comes to providing insured coverage of certain lady parts. String ties and tiny triangles of fabric have no place in a world of 13/14/15 year-old-boys in my opinion. And there seems to be PLENTY of 13/14/15 year old boys in my teen daughter's world. So, I agre…