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Crafting a Plan...

Over winter break I discovered, and then binge watched every episode available, a wonderful series on PBS called Craft in America. Some of the episodes I listened to while doing other tasks. Some of the episodes I watched fully engrossed, at times even on the verge of tears for the beauty and meaning the producers were able to capture. So many of the episodes I would, and probably will, watch again and again. I hear there is a companion book to the series. I image you know what that means.

(Takes a time out from writing to click over to Amazon. Places order.)

I did not grow up in a world that included a lot of fine art. I don't know that I ever stepped foot in an art gallery as a kid. Obviously if I did, it was not a significant enough experience to leave a lasting impression on my memories.  Even though my exposure has increased significantly in my adult years, I still don't always "get" fine art. I greatly appreciate the skill required for Monet to paint his beautif…