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No Voter Sticker...

I did not vote in Tuesday's election.

I did not vote because I have a hard time supporting a system where political parties, their candidates, and private interest groups regularly spend BILLIONS of dollars to slash and burn each other in hopes of "earning" the public's vote. All that spending on negative ads, travel and event expenses, mailings, and signage, while, for example, schools across the country are having to face cutting fine arts and foreign language programs because of continual budget cuts. Programs that enhance learning for good students. Programs that can engage the students who are not as turned on by the traditional core subjects those potential policy makers have decided should be the major focus of our public education system.

I did not vote because last Sunday I watched a politician, one who is also a trained medical doctor, spend 90 seconds totally talking his way around giving any real answer when Bob Schieffer, on Meet the Press, asked him if …