Monday, June 30, 2014


Much of my June, the days I have spent in Iowa that is, have been spent in the yard. Building. Digging. Planting.

The past few weeks the Midwest has been getting A LOT of rain. We are fortunate, thus far, to have had only rain. So many others have had to deal with damaging winds, tornadoes, and flooding. We are just wet...which means all those seeds and little plants I planted earlier this month are happy, happy, happy!

Pretties. Herbies. Veggies. I'm especially excited that I can say I have a few veggies in the yard again thanks to the cedar plank raised beds we built to solve the problem of buried concrete we found while initially digging up the garden space.

Storms are building up to drop even more rain on us this afternoon. This week, as we prep for our annual 4th of July parade watching brunch fun, the girls and I will be tackling some indoor sort and clean tasks that have been on my mental "to do before summer ends" list. Without rainy days, I'm not sure we'd ever get those things accomplished since I'm mostly solar powered and spend as much time as possible in the summer outside recharging. I'm already looking forward to next week, after the ground has a chance to dry out a bit to resume digging. There's decorative grass that needs to be purchased and planted, hostas that need moved, and 2 lavender bushes that managed to survive our extremely cold winter (unlike the 2 others who didn't make it) that need to find a new home in a yet to be determined location of the yard.

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MS said...

Jenn, your plants look amazing!! I wish I had your green thumb!