Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Summer officially started last Thursday at 11:00. Our home now houses a 2nd grader and a 6th grader. Sixth grade means a move to the middle school. A certain 11 year old is pretty excited about that fact. Her parents are a little more nervous, but at the same time confident she'll do great.

Our summer schedule is filling up quickly. Summer looks a little different for us this year as the girls and I will be spending a couple days each week hanging out at the house of one of Lexi's classmates while his parents are at work. The girls were a bit concerned about how that would cut into our pool time, but I assured them we'd still have plenty of days to splash around in the sun. Plus, a little summertime employment means a less stressed family budget, and that's a good thing.

We're doing our best to make good on our doing plan for the summer. So far we have a family weekend to Omaha for visiting the zoo, a quick solo trip to KC to enjoy time with a friend and see Mumford & Sons, a trip west to see family while attending my 20th high school reunion, and an end of the summer wedding trip planned. We're also excited that Uncle Jason will be in Iowa to visit for a bit at the end of July. I'm training to do some 5K events with a lovely group of lady friends throughout the summer. (I use the term training somewhat loosely here as I have yet to put together any regular workout schedule thanks to an early summer cold, and our goal is simply to participate, not to clock world record pace times.) We'd also love to get the tents out for some weekend camping this summer, but first it seems we need to get past the Iowa rainy season.

At least the rain is good for the gardens. In addition to plantings around our house, and plans to make new raised beds this summer for next summer's garden season, we are part of 2 group gardens this summer. Apparently one of us has a hard time saying no to opportunities that requiring digging in the the dirt.

I'm sure come August we will be amazed at how quickly these lazy days of summer have passed. I do hope, when it comes time to ready school supplies and backpacks, we will be able to say summer 2013 was well spent. As for now I'm going to grab a second cup of coffee and enjoy the sound of Brea reading to our new summertime buddy on this cool, rainy, mid-week, school free day of June.


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