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"I just don't want to put things off anymore."

Words written to me by my Mom as we make plans for a short weekend gathering in June that has tentatively been planned for someday for several years. This fall we learned first hand that sometimes somedays cease to be a possibility long before you expect. In many ways, the pain of Rod's sudden death is still very raw, but it is also pushing us to not put things off any longer. It's just one of the many small blessings that has come through the great pain of loss. Life is sometimes contradictory like that I'm learning.

I'm feeling a bit restless about summer. I have an itch to pack the girls up in the car and hit the road visiting friends. We WILL be camping this summer, not saying we SHOULD take time to go camping. Scott and I ARE going to take some time to get out on our road bikes...together. I WILL be spending time dancing, barefoot, outside, to live music this summer.

This summer we will DO.

It's so e…