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Accidental Discovery...

We decided to do spring break a little different this year. It included 29 hours spent in St. Louis. The weather was less than springy, but we had a great time anyway. We drove into the city right around the lunch hour and decided to exit the interstate at a random gas station just to get a sense of where we were and find a bite to eat. Totally by accident we found the Schalfly Bottleworks, a micro-brewer we knew about because of a printed beer pint in our cupboard, but not a planned stop on this trip. Unplanned discoveries are awesome.

Brea and Scott had DELICIOUS buffalo burgers. Lexi and I enjoyed vegetarian fair.

Beer was sampled and enjoyed.

Much laughing was done. It was a great way to set the tone for the rest of our trip.

Next stop, the St. Louis Science Center...


Creative Writing...

We've been projecting around here, and I've been writing about it over on my new dedicated craft/photography/creative blog. The problem seems to be the more we make, the more I want to make, the more I have to write about about, the fewer hours that seem to exist in the day. Weird how that happens. My most recent post over there...the creation of a flannel duvet cover for Lexi's new down "fluffy comforter".

I love that the girls are showing signs of having caught the crafting bug. Oh the projects I'm sure we will tackle in the years to come...


Sick Day...

Brea woke up early this morning with an icky tummy.

This is not how she had planned to spend her day. In PJs, yes. At home, no.

Today at school kids are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. PJs, slippers, and silly socks are being worn. Stories are being read. Birthday cake is being eaten.

Brea's words to me mid-morning were, "It makes me mad that I'm not at school today."

It reminds me of the 2-3 years in a row when I was about her age that I was sick on my birthday. It made me mad. And sad. I just wanted to share birthday treats ON my birthday with my classmates. Was that too much to ask?

After a pukey morning, my little monkey seems to be feeling a bit better. She's eaten a piece of toast, has built a cave fort with the couch cushions, and is watching toons as I type.

Since neither of us are joining in the fun of silly sock day at school, we decided to have our own silly sock day at home.

Silly socks and PJs...our way of brightening up this sick day.