Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Still Snowing...

Yesterday, as our house was waking for the start of the day, it started to snow.

90 minutes later I white knuckled my 6 mile drive to school on a single cleared (a term I'm using loosely here) east bound path on the divided highway I drive each day.

At 1:00 school dismissed early, I drove home (on wet, but clear roads), and spent an hour clearing the walks and drive of our corner lot. The girls built tunnels, forts, and threw snowballs.

30 minutes later, the snow resumed.

Last night I cancelled yoga to encourage people to stay home once there. Sporting events, classes, and meetings were cancelled or postponed all across the state due to the weather.

At 10:30(ish) I went to bed. It was still snowing.

At 6:02 am this morning my phone rang with the notice that school would be on a 2 hour delay.

At 6:18 my phone rang again, this time to notify us that school had been cancelled for the day. Scott crawled out of bed to re-shovel his side of the driveway so he could start to make his way to the office. His drive today, thankfully, took 1/2 as long as yesterday's drive. I made and drank coffee.

The girls have had breakfast, have been out to play in the new layer of white, and are already back inside warming up while watching a movie.

It is still snowing.

Not bad for a storm that 3 days ago was predicted to bring us maybe 1-2 inches of snow. Our 24-hour total is currently at around 10 inches.

Did I is still snowing.


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