Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

Yep, it's that time of year. That time of year when I start to feel the depression of winter's hibernation melting. That time of year when I get restless for a little bit of change and reorganization. This spring I'm sweeping up the annoying cobwebs in my life according to the internet. Email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Linked-In, Words with can all get so over whelming. I feel like at times it sucks the life (and hours of time) from my being. So I've made a plan:
  • This past week I finally sat down and cleaned out my email inbox, which had grown to over 200 emails, and unsubscribed from the daily deal offers and newsletter bits that always came in faster than I could clear them out. Sorry Groupon, you're just not worth that much of my time. I'm happy to say I'm now receiving a reasonable 3-5 emails a day. I can deal with that!
  • Our #1 social networking choice should be time spent face to face with friends and family. I've been in too many social settings over the past year where, at times, people have spent more time staring at the little screens of their smart phones checking their social networks than networking socially with those in their presence. It annoys me. As a result, I'm cutting down on both the number of social network accounts I have active and the amount of time I spend scrolling through my news feeds. Linked-In is out. Twitter is close to being out. I'm seriously considering a March Facebook fast. I haven't played a word in months. I'm still standing firm against signing up for a Pinterest account, which baffles people to no end given my love of crafting. (It simply boils down to the fact I'd rather spend time crafting than browsing for stuff I won't make because I'm spending my time browsing for things to make.) Ravelry gets a pass because, well, it's Ravelry. 
  • Time spent online generally leaves me feeling 1 of 2 ways. Sometimes I log off feeling energized and inspired. Sometimes not so much. I'm choosing to spend my time online from this point forward only (okay, mostly only) in ways that leave me with a smile on my face and inspiration in my heart. My RSS reader is filled with blog feeds that do just that and I look forward to reading them each night. Writing also brings joy to my soul, which means I want to make blogging more of a priority when it come to my limited online presence.
  • This spot, my beloved first blog, will continue to be dedicated to sharing our family's life and my personal thoughts with loved ones near and far. I've decided that sooner, rather than later, I will be changing the privacy settings of this blog so that it is only available to those who I have approved. Part of my decision to head in this direction is due to the face we have a pre-teen in the house. She, and her friends, have an ever increasing presence online, much to my dismay. I'm not sure that the girls are going to want just any of their acquaintances to stumble across Mom's online diary someday. I'm not sure I want that either. Their stories are mine to tell and share for now, but that will not always be the case. I feel like I need to start to think about honoring their right to write the next chapters of their own stories...if they chose.
  • I miss being a part of the greater blogger/blogging world, which was much more a part of my online presence at one point and time. Since I'm planning to limit readership of this site a bit in the coming days, and since I've not got much to say about yoga lately, I've decided to start a new blog adventure. Crafty goodness...that's what I will be sharing over on my new blog, Creative Exhalations! I hope if you've ever enjoyed one of my crafty posts here you'll join me over at my new creative home!
I've been thinking about voicing these changes for a few weeks now. It feels good to air them out. I'm excited to see how life might shift with a little more attention spent on my intentions for virtually connecting to the world around me.

Spring...always a good season for change!


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