Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Bits...

Friday night I slipped on comfy clothes and headed over to a friend's for a casual girls' night complete with take out, wine, knitting, chatting, and a movie. We watched Magic Mike. I've seen better movies, but I've also wasted 2 hours on MUCH worse movies. There was one section of dialogue that keeps running through my thoughts. Brooke, the eventual girl friend, asks Mike what he would choose to do if he could wake up one morning and do what made him the happiest. His reply was to spend all day, every day, making things.

I can relate.

* * *

Scott is off playing picking up basketball while I type this. Lexi is at TKD. Brea and I are quietly hanging at home getting ready to start preparing dinner having returned from a trip to the grocery store. It's a pretty good reflection of our individual personalities. I find it somewhat ironic that over the past year or so Scott has gotten much more involved in our community, and more active with his extra curricular activities while I, the one who used to make a living working out and who has spent much time trying to figure out how to motivate Scott to be more active with me, have settled into a much more sedentary existence. My mood, and the waist band of almost every pair of pants I own, are starting to indicate the need for change in that fact.

* * *

Saturday afternoon I had a few free hours to myself unexpectedly. I found myself downtown DSM in the East Village just browsing shops after visiting my 2 main destinations, Allspice and Hill Vintage & Knits. I love hanging out downtown, especially in the EV. Sometimes I daydream about living in a small loft downtown with big windows overlooking the State Capital, Principal Park, or the DSM River. After leaving the KC metro area 13+ years ago because we wanted to get back to small town life, and given how I used to feel about DSM when we first moved to Iowa, I find it interesting how many times Scott and I have talked about our future downtown "empty nesters" loft space. In the end I'm guessing an acreage would still win out given a choice. But one just never knows.

* * *

I had a shop owner hand me her business card on Saturday. She commented on the fingerless handwarmers I was wearing and I thanked her, explaining that I had knit them. She invited me to consider selling them in her shop as she is always looking for locally made, natural fiber items to feature and could see them selling well next winter season. It was an interesting comment I keep rolling around in my head. (See random bit #1.)

* * *

It's January, which means too much time spent inside, and in darkness. Literally and figuratively speaking. I have already started the countdown to the light of spring.


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