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Random Bits...

Friday night I slipped on comfy clothes and headed over to a friend's for a casual girls' night complete with take out, wine, knitting, chatting, and a movie. We watched Magic Mike. I've seen better movies, but I've also wasted 2 hours on MUCH worse movies. There was one section of dialogue that keeps running through my thoughts. Brooke, the eventual girl friend, asks Mike what he would choose to do if he could wake up one morning and do what made him the happiest. His reply was to spend all day, every day, making things.

I can relate.

* * *
Scott is off playing picking up basketball while I type this. Lexi is at TKD. Brea and I are quietly hanging at home getting ready to start preparing dinner having returned from a trip to the grocery store. It's a pretty good reflection of our individual personalities. I find it somewhat ironic that over the past year or so Scott has gotten much more involved in our community, and more active with his extra curricular activitie…


The teacher whose room I work in this year is expecting her first baby in March. While I can honestly say I have ZERO desire to have another baby, it has been fun watching her belly grow and to get caught up in her excitement. She's gonna be a great Mom.

Today I had to make a visit to the Principal's office with a concern. I didn't like going to the Principals office as a kid. (Not that I was a frequent visitor.) I'm not much more comfortable going there as a parent. Never in a million years would I have expected to be dealing with an issue centered around the subject of our conversationwith a daughter who is in 5th grade. As a Mom it breaks my heart to know words were thoughtlessly said by another student that hurt my daughter. As member of our school community, and of the greater world, it saddens me to see the innocence of childhood fade at an increasingly younger age these days.

Parenthood, like so much of life, is an ever educational journey it seems. It would be …


I've decided managing our finances is a lot like practicing yoga. I work diligently at it, knowing it's a slow, gradual growth project. Gradually I start to feel like we're getting on top of things, like we've reached some sense of order and control. Then life steps up and smacks me in the back to the head, reminding me that a sense of control is but an illusion.

Yesterday I went to my 2nd of what will be 5 dentists over the course of 2.5 months. Apparently I'm making up for 5 years worth of absence from the dental chair all in one quarter. In the end I know it is work that has needed to be done to save 1 of my teeth. But when I look at what we will be paying out of pocket by the time it's all said and done, I start to wonder if 1 tooth is really worth THAT much.

I guess I will make a point to smile big more to show off my new investment. Either that or I'm going to ask for naming right to that dental chair.