Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's in the Mail...

Last year, on December 31st to be exact, we took some family photos. Then around Valentine's Day I ordered up some ALL Holidays cards to send out to family and friends. (Because, you know, I'm totally on top of the holiday card sending out thing...hence the ordering them in February.)

I didn't exactly get those 75 cards in the mail until, well, yesterday. (Many thanks to my little elves who were happy to help label and stuff!) However, through the course of the year we had hand delivered a few of those cards to a few close family and friends because we haven't sent out a card with our whole family on it for like I have no idea how long, and Grandmas tend to like proof that their grand kids really DO exist out there in the big old world somewhere. So we had to split our mailing list into the haves and the have nots, and then come up with a Plan B for those who already have.

Plan B...

Here's to starting Holiday Card Season, edition 2013 with a clean slate! (You know, unless the Mayans were right on that whole end of the world thing later this week. If so, SWEET, I'm going out all caught up!)


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