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The Hardest Goodbyes

There are some events in life for which you don't need a photo to remember the details of the moment in the years to come. Watching my Mom say her final goodbyes to her recently deceased husband is one of those events. A heartbreaking image, yes, but also one so full of love.

I woke this morning in my own bed, with my husband at my side, my dogs at my feet, and my girls soundly snuggled in their bed in the room above us, still in a bit of shock at what our family has experienced over the last 9 days. One minute we were enjoying a casual family dinner in our Iowa home with my brother, my Mom, and my step-dad Rod, the next we were morning the passing of one of us and making arrangements to travel west to honour that life lost. In many ways our lives have stood still, and today we start to take the first steps of moving forward.

As surreal as the past week feels, I have the luxury of returning to my home here in Iowa, with my family by my side, and stepping back into our normal routi…