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Getting To Know Mrs. Mavin...

As a teaching assistant I spend my day in a single classroom full of students. (Technically speaking I am a 1 on 1 SpEd Paraeducator, which is a fancy way of saying I help 1 kid get through the school day a little more smoothly and successfully than he/she might be able to do on his/her own) And while I am an adult whose pretty much always in the room through the year, my relationship with those students is very different than the relationship they form with their normal classroom teacher. I spend most of my days quietly lurking at the edges of the room, working with my student, and on occasion reminding a kiddo about proper classroom behavior, answering a question here or there when the there is just not enough of 1 teacher to go around If I have time I help grade papers or organize materials for upcoming lessons. (Laminating is my favorite mindless helper task.) It's kinda strange for me, as I'm sure it is for the kids at times, to just be the "extra" person in the room.

Now that we are 4 days into the new school year a few of the kids in my new classroom are starting to piece together little bits about who I am besides "the extra adult in the room." (Or the lady who tells them to be quiet at lunch. Or the lady who tells them not to do things they should not be doing on the playground. You know, the "bad cop".) I thought it might be fun to put together a little list of 10 things I might have told them on the first day of school if I had been the teacher at the front of the room, rather than the "extra" assistant at the back.

(This is WAY more flushed out than I might say in conversation. But hey, I'm wordy when I write. And this here is my humor me.)

10 Things You May Not Know About Mrs. Mavin

1. I was born in Nebraska. I lived in Nebraska most of my life between the ages of 0 and 22. When I was preschool aged, my family moved to Colorado. On very clear days you could see the Rocky Mountains far off in the distance to the west of where we lived. Even through I only lived there for about 4 years, I still get a little homesick for the Mountains when the leaves start to turn colors in the fall (the perfect time for camping in the mountains) and when Colorado ski season starts. My brother was born in Colorado while we lived there. I lived for a short while in Kansas after graduating college before moving to Iowa. I've lived in Iowa for 13 years.

2. If I could travel any where in the world it would be to Italy. My Great Grandma, who is 98 years old, immigrated to America from Italy when she was 7 years old. I think traveling to Italy would be the best way to learn to speak Italian, learn about my Italian heritage, and see the many historical places in Italy. Plus, the food is really good!

3. When I was in 4th and 5th grade, the same age as you students are now, I lived on a cattle ranch in the sandhills of Nebraska. I went to a small "one-room" school where 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant taught all the students (and all the subjects/specials) who where in K-6th grade. We had 11 kids in our school. My 4th grade class was the biggest class in the whole school...we had 3 students.

4. In high school I did lots of activities. I played volleyball, basketball, sang in our traveling show choir, played parts in 2 school musicals, was a member of National Honor Society, and was a member of a clown troupe who visited elementary schools to talk to kids about being drug free. When you are in high school I think you should try all sorts of activities so you can discover things you enjoy doing. My high school had about the same number of students as currently go to CHS.

5. I applied to college to be a teacher. Then I was offered a scholarship to study to be a doctor. I ended up graduating with a degree in Exercise Science because I decided I wanted to work with people in a way that helped them maintain/recover their health rather than treat illnesses. I took MANY more science classes than were required of me to graduate. My favorite subject in school has always been science.

6. I've been married for 17 years to my husband Scott and we have 2 daughters. One of them is in 5th grade at our school. The other is a 1st grader. They are the reason I now work at the school. Working at the school gives me more time outside of school to just be Mom. Our family also includes 2 dogs. We wish we could live on a farm like I did when I was growing up so we could give a home to a couple horses, some chickens, and maybe a goat. (My husband might not agree about the goat.)

7. I own a small business. I teach yoga, and other exercise/health related things. I LOVE to talk about and teach people about health and the human body. Someday I would like to go back to school to get a Master's degree so that I could teach human anatomy and physiology classes to college students.

8. I like to learn new things and do all sorts of crafty/artsy projects. I like photography. I like to build with wood and power tools. I like to sew. I like to cook. A few years ago I taught myself to knit because I wanted some special mittens. I guess I'm what some people refer to as a DIY sorta person.

9. I love nature and I feel very strongly about protecting our environment by using less, recycling more, and in general being good caregivers of the world around us. I wish all people could learn to be kinder to one another.

10. Reading, writing, and spelling were never really my favorite subjects in school. Now some of my favorite free time things to do are to spend time reading a good book, playing word games like Scrabble or Bananagrams with my family, or writing my thoughts, feelings, and memories on my blog. I encourage you all to try your best at all you do because you never know how your interests will change throughout your life!



JenB said…
I miss you, Mrs. Mavin!:)
Sara said…
The kids would love to know those things about you...and to be honest, there are many of them who will trust you far more than they ever will the teacher!

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