Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Look what we harvested from one of our tomato plants last night.

This is honestly the largest caterpillar I think I have ever seen. He's kinda cool...and kinda gross.

Touching him felt like touching a living gummy worm. Ewww.

He put a pretty good dent in the foliage of one of our cherry tomato plants so we plucked him off and brought him home, mainly so I could get his picture. (Our garden is at a friends' acreage a few miles south of town.) 

Once we had him here we weren't sure what to do with him, so Brea grabbed her butterfly home in which we put him, and some extra tomato leaves from the volunteer tomatoes that have grown around the compost area, for the night.

This morning when we checked on him he did not seem very happy, so we decided to release him in the compost area where he would have cover from birds, food if needed, and access to the ground. Thanks to a biologist friend of ours we learned he is what is commonly known as a Tobacco Hornworm. We think he is in his final (of 5) stages of caterpillar life and ready to pupate, which he will need to borrow into the ground to do. We will be keeping our eyes open for a large moth to show up around the yard in the coming weeks.


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