Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going Vertical...

This summer we jumped on the vertical garden bandwagon after seeing a cool low budget idea on Growing A Greener World on PBS. (Yay public television!) On the show they used a pallet garden to plant a salad garden in a small yard. I originally thought we would use ours for herbs, but ended up simply planting inexpensive flowers to test out the concept for this year. For this summer we have our vertical garden leaning up against the garage straight out from our back door. (It won't be able to live there permanently, maybe another year or two, due to the baby sand cherry bush that is planted just out of the right side of the frame in the photo below.) It has been such a joy to watch out little plants fill out and has added a much needed splash of color and life to our yard throughout this very dry for Iowa summer.

(If I have one criticism of our pallet garden, it's that it has been a pretty water intensive maintenance project...but then everything thing garden related this year has been water intensive!)

We've had several people who have driven by out house this summer comment on our new "tall planter thing". In fact one morning a couple of ladies that walk past our house each day ventured up into the yard while I was out watering to ask me a few questions. They commented that they were very much looking forward to watching it fill out through the summer. I love how gardening can do that...brings together community. This week has been sticky and the other morning while I was out watering I was surprised to see a big of fungus joining the party.

But even more surprising was the presence of another little visitor who was tucked down in the shade of the sweet potato vine...

Isn't he cute? It's was kinda one of those "look what happens when you stop to smell the roses" kinda of moments.

Simply perfect.


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