Saturday, April 7, 2012

Powerful Words Promoting Change...

Generally speaking I try to keep this spot more family/personal thoughts/life oriented and use my business blog to write about things related to the practice/business of yoga and the promotion of health. But often, because my life and that work/practice/study are so interwoven, I have a hard time deciding with which group of readers I'd like to share a post. (Though I'm suspicious that for the most part my readership is mostly the same small group of lovely people. That's one of the weird things about writing a never REALLY know whose reading.)

I find myself more and more interested and involved in the growing movement that is working to encourage our current food system to make changes towards a healthier, more sustainable model than what is the current norm. It's a movement I feel very passionate about both professionally and personally. I wrote about it over at Happy Daisy Yoga today, sparked by watching a great TEDxAustin talk by "real food" evangelist Robyn O'Brien. If you haven't done so already, do me a favor and click on over there for a read.

Thank you.


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