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Lil Bits...

Today was one of those days. There were ups. And downs. My mind is spinning as our evening winds down. I really want to sit here whining about the downs...kinda big ones as far as life stresses go...but I can't let them overshadow the ups. So I'm just going to share a few of the bits of info streaming through my head...

  • I was informed today by a couple of students that I have been called some names on the bus that can not be repeated because they contain language "not appropriate for school." While I try not to let my self esteem be tied to the opinions of 10-11-year-olds, it bothers me a little bit that at least some of them see me as nothing more than a big ol' bitch.
  • My 5th technology students have started shooting their student designed and directed animations. After a rocky start at the end of last week, 2 groups very successfully worked through getting their ideas "on film" this week. The look on their faces as they watched the first rough cut play of their animations was priceless. That wonder is why all the unpaid time I have put (and will be putting) into organizing this project and the stress of seeing it all through is a sacrifice so totally worth making.
  • Tonight was Brea's spring parent-teacher conference. She is a very good student, and well liked by her teachers and peers. Maybe even more fun that hearing how well she is doing in her learning was watching her in her element. As we walked throughout the school she was busy, busy saying hello or waving to fellow students and a variety of teachers and school helpers. Her teacher commented about how Brea makes her smile everyday. We totally understand because she is pure sunshine.
  • The mailbox was the bearer of some stressful info today. To be fair the news is really of no surprise given our track record with handling our finances, but seeing the reality in black and white really drives the message home. It's kinda ironic really that the pursuit of and paying for our own higher education has significantly contributed to our being in a place where we may never be able to start saving to help pay for our kid's future educational endeavors.
  • Today's mailbox contents has in one fell swoop turned up the volume on my worry about what's going to happen when the school year comes to a close. No school = no paycheck for Jenn.
  • I ran into a friend I haven't seen for a couple months tonight at the grocery store. That could not have happened on a better night. It brought a smile to my face. It was so good to see her...I hope we can run into each other more often.
  • We girls are all so excited for spring break. Brea has been verbalizing on a daily basis (sometimes several times a day) the number of days left until we leave for Grandma's house. I'm pretty sure Grandma is also counting down the days until we arrive.
  • My brother is joining us on our trip west this spring. That makes my heart happier than I can even explain.
Tomorrow is Friday. And a new day. Thankfully.



My Most Read Thoughts


Today while I sat in a classroom supervising students as they worked on their math assignments, I watched Lexi through the window enjoying time with her friends during recess. My heart smiled.

Those moments, moments of learning and carefree fun, those are the moments that SHOULD make up a school day. As a Mom, and an elementary school employee, my heart is breaking over the news and images coming out of Connecticut today. 
I send my kids off to school everyday without a second thought that they will return safely come day's end, just as I'm sure each one of those parents in Newtown did this morning.
Every day I walk into my school for work without a second thought to my personal safety, just as I'm sure each of those teachers, paras, custodians, sectretaries, etc in Newtown did this morning. 
Theories will be published. Evidence will be presented. Words will be exchanged about gun control and the need for change in our current culture of violence. I don't suspec…

DIY: Reusable Produce Bags

With Earth Day festivities gearing up for tomorrow, I thought I'd take a moment to post a short DIY tutorial on making your own reusable cloth produce bags. (Tutorial inspired by my favorite crafty mom blog, Crazy Mom Quilts. Produce bags inspired by running into my friend Laura at the grocery store while she was stuffing her produce into these.) This is my next step in the fight against the excessive use of plastic bags.

Our family has been making small environmentally minded changes in our daily lives over the past few years. We use reusable shopping bags. We've stopped buying/using Ziploc bags and plastic wrap. I'm trying to commute around town via bike more. I'm being more mindful about where the food we buy comes from and how it was produced. We more often hang our laundry on the line to dry in the spring and summer instead of just throwing it in the dryer. (Which is convenient at the moment since our dryer has decided to quit drying.) As we use up chemically clean…

Sunday Morning Silly...

Once in a while Dando's curiosity urges him to venture off the bookshelf so he check out other toys in the house.

I think he thinks Froggy is missing a few marbles.