Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simple Luxury...

The girls and I ran away to Omaha for a very quick 24(ish) hour visit this weekend. We loaded the car and departed Carlisle at 11:00 am on Saturday. We were home and fully unloaded by 2:15 pm on Sunday. As short as our trip may have been, it was made for the BEST spend time with dear friends.

I don't know that I can say it was a restful trip. With only a few short hours to spend together, we did not devote many of them to sleeping. But in its own way it was refreshing. The pool was visited. Shopping was done. Wine was drank. Good food was consumed.

And of course we talked. And talked. And talked. It's what Jen and I do. And when we only get together in person every 4-6 months there's always A LOT of catching up to do.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites in LaVista. While I know for some staying at a place like the Embassy Suites is the norm when spending a night away from home, for our family it's a luxury only afforded because of the generosity of my dear friend. I was reminded of that fact when we walked in and Lexi's eyes got about 3 times larger than their normal size while she commented "This HAS to be a 5 star hotel."

Sometimes it's the innocent comments of our children remind us to stop for a moment and appreciate the goodness around us. While the Embassy Suites does not qualify for those coveted 5 stars, a stay there is always a welcome break from normal life. The beds are made with soft, clean, crisp linens. The bathrooms are clean...and I didn't have to scrub them. Drinks are served in the beautiful atrium to guests during happy hour and a hot made-to-order breakfast is served there in the morning. The only expectation from me at either time is to enjoy myself.

And the staff, even with a large conference being hosted in the adjoining conference center, were so nice. The guys at the bell service desk may have been some of the most friendly, most helpful hotel staff I have EVER encountered. They gladly helped guests in and out with bags and luggage carts despite the sub-freezing temps we experienced in the Mid-west this weekend. They even joked with our girls as they sat at the cool round bench just outside of the elevators waiting for Jen to bring her car up. All with a genuine smile on their faces. I imagine that when you work for a hotel it, at times, can be a challenge to remain friendly given the variety of personalities that can walk through the doors on any given day. I hope those guys know how much their kindness is appreciated by many. makes all the difference in the world.


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Canada said...

glad you had a great time! and I LOVE the Midwest for its kindness!