Friday, April 29, 2011

3 Years and Counting...

I've noticed lately my little netbook is starting to show it's age.

Oh the stories those ridges have helped tell. I hope stick around to help me tell a few dozen more.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bumps in the Road...

Sometimes I wonder if people in my life, and especially those who only know me through reading this blog, wonder if I'll ever get my shit together or if our lives will always be this crazy bumpy road of ups and downs. Sometimes I wonder that myself. Though I also wonder if my life is really full of more ups and downs than other peoples', or if it just feels like that because I'm the one living through my bumps. I'm guessing we all have our share of bumps to navigate, and that we all have our own level of comfort when it comes to sharing our individual travel logs.

I hit one of those unexpected bumps this weekend in regards to my business. I hope it's nothing more than that...a bump...though it has caused me to recalculate the direction of my travels a bit. After initial disappointment, and a little anger, and a bottle of red wine, I'm at peace with what's happened and the new map that has started to form to keep me moving towards my desired destination. At least I think it's peace...sometimes I wonder if it's just a numbness that has started to take over from too much off roading. I don't yet know all the twists and turn that may be involved with the recent changes, but I at least feel like I'm still moving forward. In the end I'd rather encounter a few bumps in the road than go through live without a few lofty hopes and dreams to travel towards.

Regardless of the bumps I never lose sight of how blessed I am to have amazing traveling partners. It is because of them that I just keep on keeping on. Mixed in with all the business related lows of the weekend were just the right amount of family related highs. Such as our Friday night Earth Day family date to the Des Moines Botanical Center...

...followed by dinner out...

...and ended with a visit to the book store...

We spent Easter at home, just the 4 of a dozen eggs looking for some coloring action. (Actually only 10 eggs made it to coloration stage. Two cracked during the cooking stage and were consumed as "test eggs" by quality control.)

These were seriously the brightest eggs we have ever colored. Same $2 color kit as last year, way brighter results!

Our bold, bright eggs have been a welcome cheer in contrast to the grey, wet and cold that has been the predominate weather theme of the past 10 days. I hear that summer is on it's month from today another school year will draw to a close and I have two little fishies already counting the days until the pool opens. I for one just want a chance to pedal a few miles down a real road (versus the metaphorical one that launched this post) this SPRING before I exchange my kid free afternoons for kid filled days. Whatcha say Mr. Sun, wanna come out to play?


Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fiber...

I feel like it's been a long time since I've had any fiber goodness to share. After finishing my "15 month" socks and Scott's Dashing Mitts, the only project I've had hanging around in my knitting bag is a circular shrug for Miss Lexi (Ravelry link). It's a project that I'm finding to be less than inspiring. I've been reminded how much I dislike knitting with cotton, but I keep plugging away and I've just got an inch or so of 3x1 edging to finish before I'm out of yarn and it's off the needles. While I had planned to make a similar shrug for Miss Brea, I do believe her celery green yarn will have to express itself through a different pattern.

Today the weather has turned from sunny and warm, to gray and wet. According to the forecast we best get used to the cooler temps for a bit after a teaser of 80s last weekend. No better time to tackle casting on a new project or two, right?

While visiting Western Nebraska for spring break I, of course, made my annual trip to the Brown Sheep Co. outlet (actually twice this time) to pick up some fibery goodness. This year I went with a list of yardage for actual projects. I know, novel concept. One of the "needs" on my list was yarn for a Rhodocrosite wrap. I fell in love with this wrap the moment I saw it on Ravelry. I love the simple, geometric design and the gorgeous red color of the original. The only thing I don't like about this pattern is that to obtain it I had to buy the whole Berroco pattern book in which it appears. I'm not really a fan of any of the other patterns in the book, which means at $19 this might be the most expensive pattern I will ever purchase. After looking at a card of all the color options available at Brown's, my Mom and I

I've never knit from a cone before, but after realizing that buying a cone meant no mid-pattern yarn joins, and hence no mid-pattern ends to weave and hide, I was sold! I didn't have the right sized needles to get this project started sooner, but after the post office dropped off a small order from Knit Picks last week, I'm all set to go!

I'm a sucker for savings (you know, that whole tight budget thing), so when I order from Knit Picks I always make sure I can place an order large enough to qualify for free shipping. Which means I make a list of items desired and then wait for the stars to align until I can place an order. This most recent celebration of Yarnica has been made possible by a recently received rebate that came as a Visa card. (Thank you US Cellular!) So obviously a single set of needle tips were not the only thing in my box. I fully blame THE Yarn Harlot for triggering my obsession with spillyjane patterns. I told myself that I couldn't even THINK about knitting up a pair of Jane's mitts until I finished my "15 month" socks. Check! So the needle tips to cast on Rhodocrosite simply filled out the wish list I had already started with the DP needle set and yarn to knit these. I think I'm gonna make the fingerless version so that I can wear them for more than just cold weather wear. I kinda excited, and at the same time terrified, to tackle my first color work project. Choosing a color combo was crazy hard with all the option in the Palette line, but I settled on Currant and Oyster Heather.

I'm so in love with the Currant. I think I see more of it in my knitting future...specifically in regards to this lace wrap (Ravelry link).

I'm hoping that with some smaller, lighter projects in queue, my knitting won't take a total back seat this spring/summer like it has the past 2 years. (Knitting a large wool bag to felt and a wool sweater over the past 2 summers respectively were less than brilliant plans.) However, it's hard to knit while I'm pedaling down the trail on Daisy regardless of project size and weight. Just sayin'.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seasonal Shift...

It has only taken a few warm, sunny days to start to feel a shift in our activities. We spend more time outside. More time just enjoying life. More time being active. More time playing. Which for me means LESS time sitting in front of my computer. Which means I'll probably spend more time taking pictures like this...

And less time actually posting them. So begins the joys of warmer weather living!