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Christmas Peek...

(Our first Feliz Navidad at the Snyders!)

(Christmas PJs, 2011.)

(Surprise mini Lego people were hidden in the tree waiting for us to find and assemble on Christmas Eve.)

(The girls were so excited about the gift they found Daddy at RAYGUN.)

(Chatting with Uncle Jason.)


The Iowa I Know and Love...

Now that the pressure valve has let off some of the steam that had built up and resulted in yesterday's pot of sarcasm, I thought today I would post links to a few additional articles posted at the Atlantic that describe the Iowa, and rural middle America, with which I am much more familiar.

In Defense of Iowa Food by Kurt Friese

Look to Iowa's Future, Not its Past: A Response to Bloom by Bernard Sherman

And quite possibly my favorite response that you simply must read with a bit of a southern accent, sugar...

What Stephen Bloom is Missing About Iowa by Lynda Waddington

Sure Iowa has its problems...just like each of the other 49 US states and the nations beyond our borders and across the oceans. But let's face it, the life my family lives as Iowans in a small town once built on the back of agriculture and industry is one mostly of comfort and privilege. We live in a beautiful old home with a history of its own that I hope will continue to be written well after our time here com…

I live in Iowa. Oh the horror!

Earlier this month U of I professor, and author, Stephen Bloom posted an article in the political section of the website the Atlantic addressing the upcoming caucus season and his observations about Iowa, and Iowans, from the past 20 years as a resident. Being a busy time of year, and as one who tends not to pay much attention to politically focused matters, I didn't get the urge to read said article until I started seeing frequent references to it on my friend's Facebook feeds. So last night just before bed I set aside some time to sort through Mr. Bloom's many, many, MANY thoughts about the state of our state.

Today I wanted to take a little time to write this post to thank Mr. Bloom for sharing his wisdom. Until I took the time to decipher his big, fancy words I didn't realize I was doing this whole "living in rural Iowa" thing (or by extension my whole existence as a lifetime rural Midwesterner...minus those 15 glorious months of living in civilization in …

Cheap Therapy...

*** I've been writing this post on and off for over a week. I've decided it's just time to put it out there and move on.

It's that time of year. The time when days are getting shorter. And colder. The time of year when we move our activities inside and have a tendency to become a bit like hermits snuggling up with movies, knitting, board games, books, and cups of warm beverages. And it's that time of year when I find myself making my way back to the gym to pound out the miles on the hamster wheel known as a treadmill for some heat creating, calorie burning and cheap mental therapy.

Every year I think OK, I'm ready for this. I know what to expect. I have the tools needed to handle the variety of emotions I find myself facing this time of year. This year IS going to be better. Despite my attempt at positive thinking, I'm amazed at how easily my optimism can be be derailed.
I have a lot of random thoughts running through my head these days. I have a hard time de…