Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Bit Off Balance...

Hello dear blog. I imagine you were wondering if I would ever again stop by for a visit. I've been wondering that myself lately.

To say I have not had time to write might not be 100% true. The time, if I made use of it, would be available. I've more been lacking the energy for words after my days spent in an environment where I hear and say so many, many words. In fact a lack of energy to tackle just about anything at the end of the day has me feeling a bit off balance recently. When I took this job I maybe didn't fully grasp that I would be spending my days with a school full of energy vampires.

Now that the newness of our new life schedule has worn off I'm starting to really notice how fortunate I was to be able to balance both the somewhat mundane tasks of day-to-day life (grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, bill paying, etc) while having time to be inspired to involve myself (and my family) in more creative and active endeavors without the time and energy requirements of working full time. I know I'm very fortunate to only be working a 32-35 hrs/wk schedule that allows me to be available for the girls outside of our hours spent at school while providing our family with a much needed income. I guess I still need to work on finding a balance that helps me feel more like myself, or the self I have come to really like being over the past 5 years, through it all.

If all else fails, winter break is only a little over 2 months away...


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