Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Week in the West...

The girls and I took advantage of no commitments last week to go spend an extra week of the summer with family in Western Nebraska. While the miles traveled were many, so were the laughs, hugs, and good times. Our first stop was a couple of days at my Aunt & Uncle's in Gothenburg for some senior portrait work. (Which have yet to be processed so don't expect to see any in this post.)

(We love the Jeep.)

The Gothenburg portion of our trip had been planned for the whole summer, it was part 2 of the trip, the long haul out to the valley, that was a bit of a last minute decision. The extra miles allowed us to see Uncle Jason, Grandpa Rod, and for the girls to spend a little time learning about Nebraska farm life. They both went out with Uncle Jason irrigating at the crack of dawn (while Mommy enjoyed sleeping in) and were always happy to lend a hand in the garden. Wednesday we enjoyed new potatoes with supper, grown by Uncle Jason and Grandma, harvested by eager little hands.

We also go to meet Canch, the dog that randomly showed up at the farm a few months ago and who has decided to stay. He is a great farm dog and he loves, loves, loves attention...which he got plenty from our puppy lovin' family.

We broke up the long drive home yesterday with a stop at The Great Platte River Road Archway on I-80 at Kearney. We have driven under it several times commenting that "someday" we should stop and check it out. It's actually pretty cool, though apparently a little overwhelming when you are 5. A trip through the gift shop to get a souvenir (Buffy the stuffed Buffalo) helped eased the anxiety a bit.

This picture pretty much sums up Brea's opinion of the self guided tour. I don't have one single picture of her looking at the camera since she was too busy looking out for danger along the trail.

Upon entering the lobby you are greeted by this old pioneer, who is AWESOME. I could try to explain how he is awesome, but really I wouldn't do him justice...just go visit him yourself if your in the area. By the end of our visit Brea was finally comfortable enough to snap a picture with him.

Overall a great time was had by all, though we missed (and were greatly missed by) Daddy who we had to leave at home for this trip. We don't get to spend near enough time with our Nebraska family, so this extra trip was a special little treat before we have to settle into the school year routine in just 2 short weeks. It's hard to believe summer has passed so fast...but what a great one it has been!



kshotz said...

I'm so glad to see you had a nice trip to visit family! We have always wondered about stopping at that site in we will definitely have to next time we are out that way!

kshotz said...

P.S. I do hope you'll post some of the Sr. Portraits as well!