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Camera for Hire...

I'm so thankful my Aunt asked last winter if I would shoot my cousin's senior pictures. It took a lot of trust on her part (in my opinion) and was, I guess, part of the push I need to take the steps to put myself out there as a photographer for hire. As I have touched on here a couple of times, I've approached this "going pro" with my photography very cautiously. Partially out of protecting what I love about the photographic process and what it means to me creatively. Partially out of fear.

I started teaching yoga because I loved practicing yoga. I loved what it offered my body, my mind, and my soul. Given my background in fitness, and specifically in group fitness, teaching just felt like part of my growth as a practitioner. What I wasn't ready for, and what I've found is not an uncommon occurrence when someone makes the jump from yogi to yoga teacher, was how my relationship with yoga changed when it became my job...especially when I made the choice to lean on my teaching status to provide necessary income. This past year has been especially stressful on yoga and I's marriage. We are in a bit of a trial separation at the moment. I'm confident that we will make amends and once again happily co-exist. We always seem to figure out how to find common ground in the end.

Knowing what I know about how my relationship with yoga has changed after I "turned pro" has been a big reason I've been very reluctant to do the same with my photography practice. Not to mention I think any time you put yourself creatively out into the world it's a little scary. When photography is your hobby you shoot, process, print, learn and play to please only your own heart's desires. Paying clients, while initially drawn to your services by your style, get to interject their own ideas and critiques. While I generally play well with others, when it comes to my photography I can be a little selfish.

But in the end, I just really like taking pictures. And honestly, people are my favorite subjects. And well, everyone around me has always been so supportive and encouraging for me to at least consider "going pro". And I will never expect my photography business to generate any more income than what's needed to to support my habit (which I know will make my hubby happy), and buy me a cup of coffee now and then. And now that I've done 5 different shoots for people who are not my immediate family members with great end results (both in product and experiences) for all involved...I'm jumping.

The website has been created.

A Facebook page has been posted.

And here are a few of my cousin's senior pictures that helped to get the ball rolling...

As you can see it was very vehicle intensive. And very casual. And very much my style...full of color, bold contrasts, and fun details. Thanks Paxton for being a very patient and cooperative model. Thanks Aunt Kathleen for putting your trust in my skills. And thanks to all of YOU for your continued love and support.



kshotz said…
Well done! I'll bet that your cousing and aunt have several favorites among the choices!

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