Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Right Where I Should Be...

If you would have asked me a month ago how I felt about the changes going on in my life I think you would have gotten a much different response than what I write in this post. I was in the process of closing my studio space, dealing with both my personal disappointment and that of my clients. The end of the school year was wrapping up and with it all the end of the year activities. A year after dealing with so many changes and transition, here we were facing it again...on a slightly smaller scale. My emotions weren't quite sure how they felt about it all.

We're already at the mid-way point of the first month of summer and I can honestly say I can't imagine being any place other than right where I am. In many ways I believe the unexpected direction my studio plans took at the end of April has been a blessing. Yes I miss teaching, but I don't miss the underlying stress that comes with trying to successfully maintain/grow my own business space. I will find opportunities that allow me to teach, because it's simply part of who I am. I'm looking forward to growing my workshop offerings. (I have my first scheduled here in July!) I'm teaching gentle yoga to a small group of ladies 2 mornings a week at a local church and am working with a local business to teach 4-5 classes a week in their space in the near future. The space might not end up being/looking like what I would have created in my own space, but it allows me to do what I love to do...teach...and it has windows that can be opened to the outside world during class. I love that.

In the mean time I'm blessed to have the freedom to spend endless summer days keeping our family fed, organized, and entertained. We're juggling formal activities such as camps and swimming lessons with less formal activities like trips to the pool or rainy day visits to our favorite coffee spots. We've gone to the greenhouse and the farmers market. I've dug a garden, planted veggies and potted flowers. We've already used up 2 full cans of sunscreen swimming, swinging, and biking. I've pumped water from the basement following a very wet 24 hours and started re-organizing the storage attic after digging out summer wear for our 2 growing girlies. I've been training to run a 5K later this summer. Some of my creative juices have been used to organize a local fundraising walk. We're sharing our house on Wednesdays with 2 extra kiddos while a friend starts her own new part-time job adventure. (In fact as I type this there is paper plate mask making going on in the front porch with plenty of giggles...and it makes me smile.) I've had time to, as I seem to do every spring/summer, once again fall in love with my camera(s) and the time we spend together capturing little moments of life. I've got a couple photo shoots for parties other than my normal subjects on the calendar for later in the summer.

Our days are nothing special...yet full of all the little things that makes life special. My heart is full and I've settled into a feeling of contentment that feels like home.

I'm so thankful for the blessings of our simple, joy filled life. Thank you for sharing little bits of it here with me.



Keair said...

I am going through my own rough patch in life and this post inspired me. Actually, it reminded me of a lesson I already know. When the tough times come, the best thing you can do is grow from the experience and create positive change. So thanks for the reminder. :) And while I have only started reading your blog today, I am happy to see that your personal disappointment has taken a turn for the better.

MS said...

Hooray! So glad you are feeling content! Just look at those beautiful happy must be doing something right!! ;-)