Tuesday, June 21, 2011


  • I have not worked out "formally" since last Thursday. I'm am already dreading tonight's run knowing it will be hard, but on the flip side I will feel more like myself afterwards.
  • I'm a bit discouraged by the fact I have not done anything physically strenuous for 5 days, yet my knees still hurt when I go up or down stairs.
  • Growing up in Nebraska I was subject to watching those horrible Tornado & Severe Weather education films during the spring all school assembly that were meant to educate us on what to do in the case of severe weather...but instead just scared the pants off of a room full of 7 year olds. To this day I'm not overly comfortable in severe weather situations. With nightly storms blowing through the past couple of nights I don't know that I have slept very soundly. I'm feeling it today...or it could be the aforementioned lack of working out. Flip a coin.
  • Lexi goes to sleepover camp next week. I really hope the storms calm down by then because she isn't good in severe weather situations either. I may need meds to get through the week if next week's weather patterns remain consistent with this week's. (Even though I know camp is a very safe and responsibly run establishment, as a Mom I've signed the "I will obsessively worry about the safety of my children for as long as they/I shall live" agreement.)
  • Old school educational products, like printable transparency sheets, are proving to be hard to find in our increasingly high tech world...which is causing a bit of a snag in our summer "learn how to screen print" project.
  • Online social networking sites make me feel less, rather than more, secure with a variety of relationships in my life. Is it a reflection of my insecurities or simply the nature of cyber-connections? I'm guessing it's a little of both.
  • Some people, like my husband, have natural magnetic personalities. I am not one of those people.
  • I'm starting to think when it comes to building a service based business it's not so much what you know as how you present yourself. Lack of natural magnetism + poor ability to self promote = a challenged business model.
  • I don't blog for comments/readership, I need to apply that same approach to posting photos online.
  • Realizing that my biggest fear with "going pro" in photography is not so much a lack of confidence in my skills as a fear that what/how I like to shoot does not equal what customers want to see in their finished project. Photography for me is a creative outlet...I don't know that I want to chance screwing up that relationship. (Kinda like trying to build a business based on my passion for yoga has done.)
  • I still stand by what I said in this post last week, but sometimes I have a little too much time on my hands to contemplate life. Maybe I do really need to start seriously looking for a job for both the health of our budget and my own sanity.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, so you know about that worry part. I knew you understood me.