Tuesday, June 28, 2011

31 Days of Summer...

So as you may be aware, I bought a new camera recently.

And I need to use it.

And while I could just carry it around with me and take pictures and show you them, I thought it would be a lot MORE fun if we ALL practice taking pictures over the next month.

Sound like fun?

Here's the scoop: I've started a Flickr group called 31 Days of Summer. The rules of the game...take a picture every day during the month of July and share it with the group. Use your dSLR, your point & shoot, your camera phone...whatever inspires you at any given moment to capture all that is summer for you...and share it with the world.

I love how a simple photo takes one persons unique perspective on life for one fleeting moment and captures it forever. We're all special that way...we all have our own unique perspectives. Take a moment every day in July to share yours.

I'll try to post some of my favorites here throughout the month for those of you not playing along. And who knows...maybe come the end of the month someone from the participating members might get a little treat. One never knows what might happen!

Looking forward to playing with you!


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