Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid-Week Report...

Today the parent communicator at camp sent us our mid-week report on Lexi. Here is just a little snippet from her email:

Today, her village got to do the high ropes course, Summit. Lexi did awesome! She made it to the top of all three high rope elements: the rope tube, the rock wall, and the play pin. She was so energetic and excited about the high ropes. She kept telling me, "I'm so excited!" She's a fun girl. Her positive attitude is great for the other campers. Lexi's village counselors, Emily and Dan, and I really enjoy having her around. I've attached a photo of Lexi at the high ropes.

I'm so proud of the amazing little lady she is becoming...even when we are not around!


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Anonymous said...

Great job! Glad she is having fun.