Friday, June 24, 2011

Because It's Friday...

And I love my girlies...

And I got a new camera because yes, I'm going to seriously (FINALLY...really I am this time) pursue my photography business..

I have so much to learn to maximize the technical abilities my new Canon 60D, but oh how nice it feels in my hands, how awesome it is to have the ability to do wireless off camera flash triggering, and how lovely the straight out of the camera shots look. (As these are.) Thankfully I have beautiful models on which to practice.

You can probably guess what I will be doing this are you going to feed your passions this weekend?



Donna said...

I am getting on my bike and heading to So. Dakota with friends for the weekend, knitting in tow. ;) Riding, knitting, gorgeous scenery, good passions.

The pics are beautiful and yes, the subjects make that easy, but glad your new toy is working well for you! ;) Enjoy your weekend and your new camera. Look forward to seeing more of your work, Jenn!



Anonymous said...

Playing with Mena and Dax, if this severe weather warning until 9:00 p.m. doesn't keep them away!