Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 Floors of Goodness...

Several years ago Scott and I, somewhat accidentally, wandered into an architectural salvage place in downtown Des Moines. Today, thanks to a tip from a friend, we more purposely wandered into their "new" location. I think it's safe to say we are all looking forward to the next time we venture downtown for a visit to West End Architectural Salvage and Coffee .

  • Good coffee and smoothies.
  • Cool stuff spread out over 5 floors of an old brick building.
  • And the staff were those super friendly type of people that make you feel like you've been hanging out with them for years.

(Scott and I decided we could pretty much live there if they'd let us.)

Now that we own an old house that needs a few extra pieces of useable history (dinning table and a buffet/side board being at the top of the list) I'm hoping as our budget allows a few pieces that we drooled over today make their way home with us in the coming months/years. Seriously, if you are in or coming to the DSM metro and haven't yet discovered West End, make a point to go there...and give yourself plenty of time to just soak it all in!

(Hmm, I wonder if they need any new staff...I happen to know of an unemployed coffee and old stuff lovin' yoga teacher looking for a fun job come fall.)


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Carolyn Jacobson said...

They have some really flexible spaces, too: i.e., ones that could be cleared out for yoga sessions, I bet. :)