Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Dog, New Trick...

Eight and a half years ago we adopted Jasper from the shelter in Newton. In that amount of time he has NEVER requested to get up on the furniture. In fact if we would lift him up to sit in our lap for a special treat, he was a nervous bundle of shivers until we put him back down so he could go curl up in his bed. We're not sure why, but all of that has changed over the past 2 weeks.

First he would put his front paws up on the couch when we were sitting there and wait for us to help his hind end off the floor.

Then randomly one day he discovered how easy it was to jump up himself, and as you can see he's soaking in every opportunity for couch snuggles he can come across.

Generally speaking we were no dogs on the furniture kind of people...until Tilde came along. (Having her on the furniture is the least of our worries in comparison to her general neurotic personality.) And now that Jasper has found this new joy in his old age I just can't stand taking it away from him. Who knows how many more snuggles we have left to share with the little old guy.



s said...

When we first got Vince we told him that he needed to keep his paws on the floor...Now he can put his whole body on the couch, minus one paw, which stays planted on the ground. Whoever says animals aren't smart, hasn't met a dog who wants to lay on a couch!

Kate! said...

He really does look happy in the last picture! We have a rule that our cat is never allowed on tables or kitchen counters, but we could never deny the kitty our upholstered furniture- and our laps! Like you said, it's so hard to tell an older pet he can't snuggle.

Laurie said...

When we got our dog, I was determined to follow the "no furniture" rule. However...our two cats were always on the furniture, so it didn't seem fair. I taught the dog to get on and off on command, figuring if he waited to be invited and left when asked, he'd earned the right to be there. For over 13 years, this arrangement had worked perfectly. Your pup looks very content and loved, and that's what counts. :-)