Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yesterday I turned 36.

I will not's a number that has made me really stop and consider my age. Not that I find it a depressing age, just a reality check. I notice a few more wrinkles these days at the corners of my eyes...but I still feel ageless in my heart. In so many ways I still feel like the 16 year old who fell in love with the man who would become my husband, and best friend. I still feel like that 20-something-year-old who moved to Iowa ready to take on the world and start a family. I still wonder about what I should "be" when I grow up at the same time I'm watching my own kids grow.

(Taken yesterday for no reason except for feeling overwhelmingly lucky to have these two beauties in my life.)

Sometimes I wonder what I'm "suppose" to feel like at 36...then I get over it because it's just a number.

My family, and so many friends, helped to make my day yesterday truly special. Scott and the girls showed up at the studio at the end of my morning yoga class with a basket full of fresh baked muffins to share with my students. It makes me a little teary to think about what a thoughtful gesture that was from all who helped plan the surprise behind the scenes. The studio, and the people who it has brought into my life, has become such a special place in my heart over the past 6 months. I'm so thankful and could not have asked for a more perfect gift of celebration.

We got a chance to Skype with Uncle Jason in Germany. Mom called from Nebraska. Throughout the day friends and family sent text messages and Facebook greetings...each one made me smile.

Most of our afternoon was spent at home, where I played in the kitchen making cheesecake cupcakes for a little evening gathering planned at our neighbor's. My loving husband gave me the gift of doing the many dishes that resulted from all my play. While I reduced and grated and melted and whisked, he washed. My relationship with food lately has a bit strained (a topic for another post), so it was so fun just to play...and enjoy the fruits of my labor at the end of the day with a glass of wine (or three) and friendly conversation.

I make one basic cheesecake filling and then created 4 flavor variations through the toppings. From left to right the toppings are: reduced red wine with a semi-sweet chocolate truffle drop; strawberries and raspberries resting on a tart citrus and honey sauce; reduced espresso syrup swirled with fresh Irish cream whipped cream; mini chocolate chip cakes topped with a fresh vanilla bean whipped cream. We used the left over vanilla bean whipped cream and strawberries on our waffles this morning...and maybe a spoonful of the Irish cream whip made it's way into my coffee. Delicious.

All in all, I would have to say my first day of year 36 was simply perfect. Thanks to all who helped make it that way. Everyone should have an opportunity to feel so loved.



Hazelnice said...
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Hazelnice said...

Reading your post feels good.
Its really good to felt that there are lots of people who care 'bout you. And making your birthday special in a simple way makes everything seems so perfect.

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Jane said...

Happy Birthday. It's nice to feel special for a day. The cheesecakes are amazing!

Laurie said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great day. 36 was a wonderful, life-changing year for me, and I hope it is for you as well. :-)