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5th Birthday + Circus = FUN...

Our little monkey turned 5 years old on Sunday. From beginning to end our day was filled with food, family, friends, and fun. I think the pictures say it best...

As you can see, by the end of the day it was work just to hold her head up she had so much fun. What a great way to celebrate the joy that Brea brings to our lives. Happy birthday Monkey!


I Wish...

I wish there was a way to know.

To know what's the "right" decision to make.

To know what "right" means. "Right" on paper? "Right" in my heart? "Right" for my business? "Right" for my family? Are those "rights" different when I hope that they can be the same?

To know which gut feeling, the one that gives me feedback as a business owner and community member or the one that gives me feedback as a Mom who just wants to take care of her family, is the right one to follow.

To know that no matter which decision I ultimately make, that I can commit to that decision fully without questioning, and that it will have been the best direction to move given all the factors involved.

2 weeks. That's the amount of time I've given myself to weigh it all out and come to a conclusion. I'm thankful for all the support so many have offered during the process. In the end I know that life will move forward, and it will be OK, n…

Tucking Away the Memories...

It's hard to find the words to effectively communicate the meaning of our trip last week to visit my family in Nebraska. The time spent with each loved one, the silly moments, the quiet moments watching my girls soak up each and every experience, the stories shared...there is simply no way to describe the place those memories now hold in my heart.

I came home with a couple hundred photos from our trip. So many the memories almost overwhelm me as I sort through them all. Here are just a few of my favorite shots that have made their way through PhotoShop thus far.

Some of you might recognize the lovely lady standing next to me in this one...the incredibly fun Marie from Permission to Unwind.

Great memories. Great love. Thanks for all who helped to make our trip such a lovely time. More photos to come...plenty more.



Over the course of the next week I will be:
KnittingYoga-ingHot tubbing(
Sleeping inVisitingKnitting
Reading (this and maybe this)Eating
And of course...knittingHappy spring break all. See you on the flip side.


Not Again...

It's happened several times over the past 8 months. I'm in the middle of a task or I'll start planning a project and I go in search of a craft item/some paper work/that old "whatever" I thought might come in handy one day. And I search. And I pull things out of our new attic space. And I dig through boxes. I can SEE the item in our old house in my head, knowing exactly where it lived in our basement full of random stuff. Yet in the travels from there to here I have no clue where it might be...or if it even made the trip.

Most of the time the item I'm searching for is actually of little importance. Generally it simply means switching to plan B after I spend most of the day frantically searching with no success. Except for today.

Today I started prepping our tax return. Today I needed to find the paperwork from when we originally bought our house in Grinnell over 6 years ago. Today I went to the file box on top of which that folder of papers has lived for the pas…

Rodents Welcome...

Welcome to Hamster Hotel...

Complete with designated areas for eating, sleeping, grooming, play...and that tissue paper covered box off to the left is the bathroom, because even rodents need a little privacy when nature calls.



Yesterday I turned 36.

I will not's a number that has made me really stop and consider my age. Not that I find it a depressing age, just a reality check. I notice a few more wrinkles these days at the corners of my eyes...but I still feel ageless in my heart. In so many ways I still feel like the 16 year old who fell in love with the man who would become my husband, and best friend. I still feel like that 20-something-year-old who moved to Iowa ready to take on the world and start a family. I still wonder about what I should "be" when I grow up at the same time I'm watching my own kids grow.

(Taken yesterday for no reason except for feeling overwhelmingly lucky to have these two beauties in my life.)

Sometimes I wonder what I'm "suppose" to feel like at 36...then I get over it because it's just a number.

My family, and so many friends, helped to make my day yesterday truly special. Scott and the girls showed up at the studio at the end of my mo…

Old Dog, New Trick...

Eight and a half years ago we adopted Jasper from the shelter in Newton. In that amount of time he has NEVER requested to get up on the furniture. In fact if we would lift him up to sit in our lap for a special treat, he was a nervous bundle of shivers until we put him back down so he could go curl up in his bed. We're not sure why, but all of that has changed over the past 2 weeks.

First he would put his front paws up on the couch when we were sitting there and wait for us to help his hind end off the floor.

Then randomly one day he discovered how easy it was to jump up himself, and as you can see he's soaking in every opportunity for couch snuggles he can come across.

Generally speaking we were no dogs on the furniture kind of people...until Tilde came along. (Having her on the furniture is the least of our worries in comparison to her general neurotic personality.) And now that Jasper has found this new joy in his old age I just can't stand taking it away from him. Who kno…