Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quite Dashing...

Last month I knit another pair of hand-warmers. Really, you say? Hand-warmers, that's totally unexpected. I guess hand-warmers are to me what socks are to other knitters...a tad bit addicting. What sets this sets this pair of mitts apart from the others, they were made for man hands. Scott's to be exact.

The pattern is Dashing from the Spring 2007 issue of Knitty. I think this was one of the first patterns I queued up in Ravelry when I joined. I love the simple design with a hint of cables. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride superwash worsted purchased on spring break last year that I had intended to use for socks. Eh, close enough...

I think what makes knitting these for Scott even more special for me...he requested them...and he wears them quite often around our chilly old home.

I love that man. He makes my heart smile.


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Jane said...

I love it when a man asks for knits - and wears them! They are fantastic - love Dashing - love the color.