Monday, February 14, 2011

A More Relaxed Approach...

With the first year of pre-school comes Brea's first chance to carry on the tradition of hand-making Valentine's Day cards for her classmates. Unlike Lexi's first Valentine's exchange, which was a HUGE production that involved hours of work that I later regretted thinking we could pull off without a few words of frustration from us both, we kept this year's card making process very simple.

Side note: I thought maybe I had blogged about those fabulous cards...but I guess not. In fact the only post about our annual card making activities I could find was from 2008. Hmmm...apparently I don't ALWAYS blab on about nothing in particular.

Any who, Brea loved every minute of this year's card making and was even more excited to deliver them to her friends last Friday...

As much as the world changes, it's nice to know that some of the very simplest joys of childhood never cease to exist.

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