Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doing Right...

A snowy storm is settling over us today. In preparation Brea and I headed to the grocery store to restock our very bare kitchen. As we approached the parking lot, I noticed an elderly gentleman walking out across the mall parking lot, shuffling along with both hands full of shopping bags. We drove up to the gentleman to see if he had very far to walk and if we could offer him a ride. He thanked me but said he was just heading to wait for the bus inside the mall. As we drove away to go fill our own shopping bags with groceries Brea commented:

"That man was really old. It's good we checked to see if he needed any help."

In that moment my heart filled with pride. She gets it. She understands the importance of extending a little everyday kindness and compassion...even to those we do not know. My heart is smiling.


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Erica said...

That's awesome! You're doing a great job with your minions :) It was very nice to finally meet you in person the other day!