Friday, January 21, 2011


I had a clear vision for what would be accomplished this afternoon. After wasting most of the week fighting a cold, today I finally felt as if I could muster up enough energy to do some cleaning around the house. I mean between the sizable dog hair tumbleweeds floating around in not so far away corners and the fact I can only offer a best guess as to the last time the toilets have seen anything besides our tushes, I figured it was time. So I walked Brea to preschool (in 3 degree, wind chill of -10 weather mind you) and returned home to get busy.

I started upstairs in the bathroom that gets the most use. Scrubbed, vacuumed, moist mopped and made the turn out in the hall to finish vacuuming the carpets of our bedrooms. So far so good. As I start transferring the cleaning supplies from the 2nd to the 1st floor, my tummy reminded me that I hadn't yet eaten lunch. Plus I noticed that the 1:30ish light coming in the window of the stairwell might be good for getting a photo that I've been thinking about taking as my submission for this week's DPS weekly photo assignment (a photography forum I've decided to participate in to help me think outside of "my" photography box a bit). So I started warming a can of soup on the stove top and grabbed my camera, my subject, and my back drop material and headed to the stairway to "quickly" grab the shot.

I'm shooting away and it occurs to me that this would be a fun set up to take a picture of Danbo with his new toy. So off I go to grab him...and it. Soon the smell of warm lentil soup makes its way to me at the front of the house and I return to the kitchen just in time to narrowly escape scorched lentil soup. I pour my soup into a big ol' latte cup and sit down to check email while I eat. By the time I am done I realize I have a mear 45 minutes left before it's time to go retrieve the kiddos from school and that if I have any hope of getting the cleaning done before hand, it's gonna have to be the quick and dirty (no pun intended) version. I drop my now dirty cup in the sink with the rest of the dishes waiting for my attention and get to vacuuming.

We love the openness of the living space in our new house, but the number of corners that can harbor dusty dog hair nests is ridiculous. So, to help keep me entertained while I'm working I start writing this post in my head. Thinking that maybe if I get lucky, someone will discover it and I'll find myself following in the steps of the Yarn Harlot, or Dooce, or any of the number of witty blog/writers out these on the interwebs who enjoy a paycheck with their often sarcastically funny views on their lives. Then I reminded myself of my lack of any formal writing related writing, not to mention the fact that I don't have much to offer up but the woes of your average lower middle class Midwestern mom-wife, and decided my dream energies might be better spent in another store. My life is just not as sexy as liberal living in Salt Lake City. Or being Canadian. (Shout out to my cousin's Candian husband who turns older today.) At this point I have exactly 15 minutes left to scrub down bathroom #2 before I need to be out the door on my way back to school. Luckily it's a small bathroom.

It's now 4:00 something and the girls are enjoying a snack and PBS Kids. The dishes still need my attention and I should think about peeling the potatoes for tonight's supper plan. My camera and various accessories are sitting askew on the table and the vacuum has yet to make it back up the stairs to the closet. I'm wondering if I'm gonna get on a chance to cast on a new knitting project tonight after dinner, having finished up Scott's fingerless mitts yesterday. (Which I hope to grab a picture of tomorrow when we are both home.)

But for now, because it makes total sense, here's that picture of Danbo and his new toy...

Just another day in my non-linear world. I know...'splains a lot, doesn't it?


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Laurie said...

Welcome to my world, Jenn. LOL! I don't have kids' schedules to keep track of, but I swear every day is spent in an ADD haze. You know what it is? It's lunch!!! I'm always really focused till I stop for lunch. Now I know why I never took a lunch break when I was working - I knew I'd never get back on track again. Love the Denbo pic!