Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lil Bits...

Brea (Walking into the kitchen with a baby bottle in hand.): "I need some milk and juice mixed together." (Proceeding to the fridge where where she pretends to open the door and pour in the two liquids.)
Me: "Milk and water mixed together? That sounds kinda gross."
Brea: "It's for my baby unicorn."
Me: "Oh. Your unicorn has weird taste."
Brea: "Well Mom, she is a unicorn." (Exiting to go continue her play.)

Yesterday while we were out and about picking up a few groceries, we stopped for a what has become rare shop time. The girls settled into the two leather chairs situated in front of a gas fire place with their hot chocolates, while Scott and I grabbed a table for some much needed talk time. At one point I turned to check on the girls and found Lexi, snuggling her hot cocoa, reading an article in one of the little magazines sitting around about knitting. It made my heart skip a beat to realize what a reflection of her mother she is at times.

It's these little bits of life that that I will forever cherish.



JessLeigh87 said...

Life is so Beautiful.

Kate! said...

That's a thing that I think would be so exciting about having kids- seeing them growing into people who are reflections of ourselves. It's also the part that scares me.