Monday, January 10, 2011


Before we lean Left or Right,

Before we are Christians or Muslims or Jews or Hindus or Atheists,

Before we are straight or gay,

Before we are the administration, the workers, or the students,

Before it ALL...we are humans.

It makes me wonder with the most recent acts of violence, slinging of words and pointing of fingers if as a society we have forgotten that most basic of truths. Violence, whether through physical acts OR words, is never the answer. It saddens my heart that some see no other way to voice their opinion. The long term consequences of such hate are great for us all.

May you live today free from fear, free from unnecessary sources of suffering, and in a place of peace.



Kate! said...

It's. So true, yet I hear people say things almost daily that point the finger at the "other". It makes me sad to see people discriminating and judging so freely.

Laurie said...

Beautiful words to remember in times like these.