Monday, December 13, 2010

A VERY White Wedding...

We took a little trip this weekend.

A trip to Scott and I's first home, Wayne, America. (AKA Wayne, Nebraska...home of Wayne State College, Wayne Chicken Days, and the Roses.)

The occasion? The wedding of Marisa and Brian. Marisa was a cheery little 2nd grader back in the fall of '93 when her family, the Roses, first invited us into their home for a Friday night dinner (the first of MANY) as part of the Host a Student Program through WSC where Scott and I went to college. She is now a lovely woman, all grown up and married! It doesn't seem possible that so much time has passed since that first dinner...yet I can't remember time before the Roses were part of our family. (Kinda like it's hard to remember what life was like before I met Scott...or before we became parents.)

You know how it's the unexpected things that happen during a wedding that end up being the special memories that you hold on for years to come. WELL, let me tell you, Marisa and Brian's wedding is bound to be known at the Blizzard Wedding. I kid you not...a blizzard set in during the night Friday after we traveled in 50 degree beautifulness late Friday afternoon to arrive in Wayne in time to catch the end of the rehearsal dinner and for Scott to go have a couple beers with the guys after we checked into our motel.

OK, let's just get the whole story about the motel out of the way. I may or may not have waited until the last minute to book our room in hopes we could figure out some free lodging situation. When I finally did call the only decent hotel in Wayne, The Super 8, was booked. (It didn't help that WSC was hosting home basketball games over the weekend.) Which left us the choice of the older scary motel, or the old REALLY scary motel. We chose door number 1 and luckily they had a room. Lexi, being a little older and a little less adventuresome, was NOT impressed with the tiny room with 80s decor that greeted us at the KD Inn.

Brea on the other hand thought the tiny bathroom was the coolest thing ever! After getting her PJs on and going into the bathroom to pee we had to laugh when she yelled out, "Guys, we have our very own tiny shower!"

Despite the close quarters, the thin walls, the impossible to control heating system, the strange vibrating pipes/heater sound that entertained us ever 15 minutes during the second night of our stay, and the less than plush beds, our room was mostly clean and that tiny shower had plenty of hot water with decent water pressure. Our stay might not have been as shadowed as it was had it not been for the blizzard and the fact the KD Inn didn't feel it was necessary to clear the blowing and drifting snow from their parking lot AT ALL! We thankfully had to venture out on Saturday morning to find some breakfast or we might not have ever made it out of the parking lot. As it was Scott and I shared an "oh shit, what if we're really stuck" glance or two as he rocked us in and out of drifts of snow in our little Corolla until we reached the plowed street. When we returned to go to bed on Saturday night we parked across the street in the Subway lot which had been plowed and tromped through the drifts in our dress shoes back to our room. Sunday morning as Scott was carrying things out to the car he helped pushed another guest out of a drift after they had mostly shoveled themselves out. I'm not sure how anyone can have a business that accommodates travelers and think that simply NOT clearing their parking lot of drifted snow is OK.

We weren't real sure to where to hunt out breakfast on Saturday but we did know we wanted coffee and the coffee shop on Main Street was at least on a main drag that would more likely than not be maintained. To our surprise, in addition to lattes, they served full breakfast! The girls were super excited to order pancakes, eggs (for Lexi), and sausage (for Brea).

(Lexi checking out what's happening on campus.)

Scott was an usher for the big day and I was in charge of making sure everyone got flowered up, so we headed over the church early to get dressed, help as needed, and chill until the ceremony. As I chased people down to pin on their pretties and helped finish up a few decorations here and there, I also (of course) took some time to snap a few pictures...

(Scott and Mom & Dad Rose.)

(Scott with little sister Megan.)

(Scott with Megan's other half, Nick.)

After a small, but lovely, ceremony and a night of dancing we woke up Sunday morning to sunny skies. The Roses had arranged for us to all meet back at the reception hall for breakfast and gift opening before the weekend came to a close. We ducked out a little early (after breakfast, before gifts) to get on the road not knowing what we would be facing once we got out on the highway. Before we left I grabbed a few pictures of the girls and the lovely family who have blessed us with our honorary membership.

(The girls with Grandpa Dan.)

(The girls with Grandma Kyle.)

(The girls with Auntie Megan.)

(And of course, the girls with the Bride and Groom.)

The first 15 miles of our drive were a bit dicey and more than once I think Scott and I both wondered if it would be best to just turn around and stay another day. But after making it those 15 miles to connect to a busier highway that would take us to the interstate, the roads remained clear and we were able to arrive home in the full light of day only having added an extra 30 minutes to our expected drive time. I'm thankful the girls (all three of them as we had Tilde with us) are patient travelers.

Thank you Roses for a lovely weekend. We are so blessed that our paths crossed all those many years ago. And we are happy that we were able to share this very special day with you all.

I'll share some more random pictures I took at the wedding later in the week. Until then, cheers of congrats to the newly weds! We wish for you many years of loving one another and a life that is full of family, friends, and much joy.



Mariah said...

I'm glad you made it home without any troubles. A few miles north of there we spent all of Sunday digging out. It was crazy -- well unless you compare it to all of last winter!


Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! It brought back fond memories of a band road trip I took with my husband in 1995...Chicago...-60F wind chill...heavy snow...