Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank Goodness for Knitting...

This is apparently how much knitting I can accomplish while watching Christmas Vacation...

(I'm not a very fast knitter.)

It's the start of a handwarmer for my MIL. She had requested some last fall and with my lace scarf, sweater, and my Mom's socks and moebius, they never made it on the needles. Now that I have the knitting done on my first crack at a shawl (which I'm now SLOWLY binding off with the required sewn bind off) my row counter has been freed up for a new project. These are a cross between my good ol' standard self designed handwarmer pattern and the Brainbridge Mitts pattern over at Spicy Jellybean Knits blog. The cuff is a twisted rib with a broken rib body. I wasn't sure at first how I felt about the twisted rib, but it's growing on me as the twist of knitting through the back loop makes the knit ribs very dense and raised over the looser purl columns. With any luck I may be able to knock these out over the long holiday weekend and send my MIL back to KC with warmer hands. (But don't hold me too that...remember, slow knitter on board.)

Our Christmas Eve has begun as it should...lazily. I'm sipping my home-made latte with a touch of egg nog. Scott is out playing in the newly fallen snow with his new hand-me-down snow blower. The girls are eating Clementines and watching Santa Buddies. I have a bit of cleaning to do, gifts to sort and wrap, photos to sort through to put together some sort of an electronic holiday greeting for this here blog (since once again sending a print card was not in the Mavin holiday budget), and candied corn to make for our snacking pleasure. On one hand I am feeling a bit inadequate for all that I have NOT accomplished this holiday season (and for that matter, this YEAR). On the other I am completely happy to be doing nothing more than enjoying the morning with those I love near.

My coffee cup is empty...and my knitting looks lonely sitting here beside me as I type. Hoping you too find yourself enjoying the simple joys of the season today. May your home, and your heart, be filled with the warmth of friends, family, and the blessing of togetherness. And to those who are not near at this time of year, may you know how much you are loved.


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Jane said...

Merry Christmas! It sounds like a perfectly lovely day. Clementines - we all love them! Try to shake that inadequate feeling. I've felt that too often. I think, especially moms, that we always feel like there is something more to be done during this season. It's too much pressure to put on ourselves. Enjoy your coffee, enjoy your knitting and enjoy your family!