Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not until 7:00...

As we tucked our girls all into bedon Christmas Eve, we reminded them...there's no need to get up early because we are not going downstairs until at least 7:00.

So Lexi woke up at 5:45.

To her credit she quietly came into our room to check the time, then returned to her bed with a flash light to read...until the flashlight died 10 minutes into her quiet distraction. Brea magically awoke totally on her own accord right after Lexi stopped reading (still not sold on that version of the story) and we ended up with two little wiggly snugglers in our bed at 6:00.

Just to be evil we made then wait until 7 before either Scott or I crawled out from under the warm covers to start the morning's adventure. (Oh the many joys of being the parents.) We made them brush their teeth. Then they had to brush and pony their hair. And then only after I ventured down for the camera could they make the decent themselves.

Waiting at the top of the stairs...


...less patiently.

I love that first look of pure joy that comes across their faces when they first see what Santa has brought them.

Brea received just what she wished for...a Polly Pocket house.

And we have hardly shared two words with Lexi since receiving her new DS game.

Brea was so excited about all her new PP house items...including a tiny toilet.

And no matter how many she receives, she still gets so excited about a new critter to snuggle.

The remainder of our day was spent in our PJs, enjoying each others company, on Skype with loved ones in Nebraska and Germany, napping, knitting, game playing and waiting for the Kansas grandparents to arrive for an afternoon of gifts and good food.

Simple joys.

So many blessings.



Marisa said...

I originally woke up at 5:50, but was able to fall back to sleep until 6:30 and then I ventured upstairs to see what Santa brought me at Mom and Dads house! So, even at 25 years old I'm a kid on Christmas :D

Jane said...

It's so hard to be a kid! My husband is the only one who sets his alarm on Christmas morning to get up before the kids....problem is he doesn't wake up - I do!

Sara said...

Such sweet girls and such mean parents! ;) I was giggling at the picture of Lexi in her stocking hat. Laurel has the exact same one! :)