Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Colour of Passion...

It's tea season.

I find that to help off-set the cool of our house in the winter (and my standard economical thermostat of 65 degrees) I am rarely without a cup of tea somewhere within my reach from December to March. This weekend I picked up a new to me flavor, Passion by Tazo. I love Tazo teas. (Especially the Wild Sweet Orange!) I also love Stash teas, but they are much harder to find in area retailers. I tend to lean toward the herbal, caffeine free flavors. But there's not much that helps you warm up better than a hot cup of Chai with just a bit of honey and a splash of milk. Liquid comfort at it's very best.

Any who, after teaching class this morning and enduring the brisk 5 1/2 block walk home, I was ready for a nice warm cup of goodness. I couldn't resist pulling out the camera to photography my newly steeped tea...I mean look at that color!

When I was a kid I remember my Mom doing projects that required her to "tea stain" fabrics. Can you imagine dunking a bit of yarn in a cup of Passion? I think it would be lovely...and it would smell nice too!



Anonymous said...

Perhaps yarn for the next sweater!

Jane said...

I have to admit that I'm not an adventurous tea drinker, but the color of that tea is amazing. Yes, I love the thought of tea-dying. And wow, you are amazing to be teaching and walking a brisk walk - wish I could be so motivated.