Monday, December 6, 2010

The Big Man Himself...

Late Saturday afternoon was Light Up Carlisle. Businesses hosted open houses (including my studio) and Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance to listen to Christmas wishes and hand out bags of candy. (A single candy cane would have been sufficient...I think I might suggest that to the planning committee for next year as the amount of candy our 2 girls scored was a bit ridiculous.) I was busy meeting and greeting visitors at the studio, so Scott and the girls braved the cold alone for a picture.

(You can see the front windows to the building that houses my studio just to the left of Brea's head.)

I asked the girls what they each requested from Santa. Brea said a Polly Pocket house (which she has been talking about for months) and Lexi asked for new games for her DS. Santa has one of those items ready to be delivered already...the elves need to work on finishing up the other request. Who knew elves would have to learn so much about technology?


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kshotz said...

Looks like the evening was worth smiling over! I miss visits with the Big Guy this time of year. I'm sure his elves will have no trouble catching on to the technology....they seem like very bright elves!